Attic Renovation

AMS SYSTEMS takes your attic to a higher level!

Do you have an attic that holds more potential than what it is being used for today? Maybe it is an idea to renovate it to get more out of it.

Why renovate your attic?

Additional living space

A renovated attic can be converted into an extra bedroom, a study, a children’s playroom, a home gym, a hobby room or even a home office. Thus, renovating the attic can help increase living space in the home without the need for an addition.

Increase home value

By renovating the attic and transforming it into a usable space, the value of the home can increase. A renovated attic that meets current insulation standards makes for a more energy-efficient home. Potential buyers see a renovated attic as an added benefit and this will positively affect the selling price of the house.

Cost savings

Instead of moving to a larger home, renovating the attic can be a way to create additional space. If the renovation is accompanied by additional insulation, this will also favorably affect the energy bills and the EPC value of the house.

We place great importance on the satisfaction of our clients, and we make sure that every aspect of the renovation meets your needs. We listen carefully to your ideas, needs and budget, and together we work out a customized plan that meets all your expectations.

In addition, we have a team of highly qualified professionals who will handle every aspect of your attic renovation with care and attention. Whether it’s insulation, electrical work, plumbing or flooring, we only work with professionals who have proven to deliver the highest quality. You can be confident that your attic renovation will be done by the highest standards.

We are always available for any questions you may have regarding all of your renovation needs. Contact us today. One of our staff will be happy to visit you on-site for a free, no-obligation consultation and custom price quote.


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