Flat roofs

Turn your flat roof into a durable, energy-efficient and stylish showpiece!

Whether as part of a total renovation or a roof restoration, you can call on our expertise and experience. We listen carefully to your needs and goals and ensure that your new flat roof fulfills all your needs. We think along in terms of energy savings, sustainability and comfort.
When you renovate your flat roof, you will have to make certain choices in terms of finishing and insulation. We guide you through each phase with tailored advice so that you make the best choices.


For finishing flat roofs, you can choose from:


synthetic rubber material, durable and low maintenance


a type of sticky petroleum in the form of rolls with excellent binding and waterproof properties

Green roof

aesthetic, provides extra insulation and shelter from weather, but more difficult to detect a leak

Insulation possibilities

The insulation options for a flat roof are threefold:

Cold flat roof

the insulation is located under the roof construction, the insulation is done from the inside

Warm plat dak

the insulation is located on top of the under-roof, the roof covering lies directly on the insulation layer.

Inverted flat roof

the insulation layer is placed on top of the roof covering

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