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It goes without saying that if we market ourselves as your partner for total renovations, that we are also a master in insulation work.
There are different ways to insulate a roof, depending on the type of roof and specific requirements.

Some of the most common insulation methods include:

Roof insulation from the inside

This involves installing insulation material directly under the roof on the inside of the building. This can be done through the use of insulation panels, mineral wool, cellulose fibers, foam insulation or sprayed insulation material. This method is suitable for attics or spaces under pitched roofs.

Cold roof

insulation material is placed between the rafters, leaving the attic space uninsulated. This method is less commonly used because it leads to energy loss and can cause difficulties with condensation and moisture problems.

Roof insulation from the outside / sarking

This involves insulating the roof by placing insulation material on the outside of the roof, between the roof covering and the roof structure. This can be done with insulation boards, mineral wool or foam insulation. This method is mainly used when renovating roofs or installing new roofing.

Green roof

an innovative method in which the roof is covered with living vegetation, including plants and grass. This green roof serves as an insulation layer and offers many benefits, including thermal insulation, reduction of rainwater runoff and promotion of biodiversity.

Warm roof / inverted roof

a specific method in which insulation material is placed on top of the roofing material, directly on top of the waterproofing layer. This is mainly used on flat roofs and helps keep the heat in and the roof cool, reducing the risk of condensation.

We will work with you to choose the right insulation method based on your chosen or pre-existing roof type, desired insulation value, budget and other specific requirements.

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