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We use different types of cookies on our website:

Necessary (functional) cookies files

These cookies files form the basis for the functioning of our website and enable the use of basic functions. Without the use of these cookies, the services that form the basis of our website could not be provided, as some functions of our website would not be displayed correctly to you.

In accordance with applicable law, the Provider has the right to store functional cookies files on your device without your consent. You can disable the use of functional cookies files through your browser settings. In that case, however, some functions of the website will not be displayed correctly.

Analytical cookies files

We use analytical cookies files to collect statistical information about how you use our website. These cookies are used to help us analyse and improve our website in terms of content, performance, design and also to measure traffic to our website.

Marketing cookies files

The marketing cookies files are used to display online ads in web browsers based on the registered preferences of website visitors in the online environment.

We store analytical, marketing cookies files on your device only in case you give us permission to use them via the cookie bar at the bottom of our website or by using the button in the next paragraph.