Ceiling works

A flawlessly finished ceiling takes your interior to new heights!

It goes without saying that if we market ourselves as your partner for total renovations, that we are also a master in finishing, also for all ceiling works!

Ceilings can be finished in various ways, in particular by means of plastering, fix & finish, MP75 or with gyproc. We will always choose the best methods and materials in each situation to provide you with a flawless ceiling.

In a total renovation, we analyze the quality of the current ceiling and can repair existing blemishes and cracks so that the ceiling looks smooth and sleek again. Sometimes it’s more economical to tear down the existing and create an entirely new ceiling. Also, when the layout of a room changes, it is sometimes desirable to adjust the lighting along with the changed situation.

We, at AMS SYSTEMS, are well established when it comes to total renovations. Make an appointment today! One of our advisors will be happy to come on site for a free, no-obligation consultation and a customized price quote.


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