Drywall works

Perfectly finished interiors with gyproc: from rough walls to sleek surfaces!

It goes without saying that if we profile ourselves as your ideal partner for total renovations, we are also experts in gyproc work!

Gyproc or plasterboard is very versatile in use and allows you to finish or modify your interior in a relatively simple way. We use gyproc in all its applications. Depending on the situation, we will choose the correct type of gyproc in each room and place, using double metal studs.

There are 3 types of gyproc:

White gyproc

for most interior applications

Pink gyproc

this is fireproof and is used for example in the attic

Green gyproc

this is water-resistant and will be used in kitchens and bathrooms

What are the possibilities?

Installation of partition walls

This allows you to divide interior spaces and create new rooms.

Special constructions

These can be more complex gyproc work, such as creating built-in cabinets or other custom solutions using drywall.

Ceiling finishing

Here gyproc boards are used to create a new suspended ceiling or to renovate an existing ceiling. A suspended ceiling in gyproc is a good solution when you want to add extra insulation to your ceiling or need space for ventilation pipes, electrical wiring or to install spotlights.

False walls

Similar to the suspended ceiling, the use of false walls allows you to hide pipes or insulation on existing walls.

Thanks to our craftsmanship and years of experience, your interior will be remodeled or finished in no time and according to the rules of the art. AMS SYSTEMS is happy to be your partner in the execution of your entire renovation. Contact us today and one of our advisors will be happy to come on site for a no-obligation, free consultation and price quotation.

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