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Are you in need of extra space? AMS SYSTEMS is your partner for all your extension needs!

There are several reasons why it can be interesting to build on your home:

Extra space

If there is a need for more living space, such as an extra bedroom, office, playroom or hobby room, adding an extra room or floor to your home can be the best solution.

Aesthetic improvements

Sometimes building an additional space can add to the aesthetic aspect of the home. A well-designed addition can improve the appearance of your home and make it more attractive.

Value increase

Adding an extra room to your home will increase the value of your home. This can be especially beneficial if there are future plans to sell the home.

Expanding social spaces

If you enjoy hosting people, an addition such as a sunroom, porch or patio can provide an additional social space where you can welcome your guests.

Once you have decided to add on to your home, there are several important aspects to consider.

The following are a few points that are important:

Building permit

Check whether a building permit is required before you start building an addition or leave this to one of our advisors.


Keep a realistic deadline in mind for the addition. Discuss this with the construction team and allow for possible delays due to inclement weather or unexpected problems.

Building plan

Work with AMS SYSTEMS to create a detailed building plan that includes all the specifications of the new addition. The plan will meet your needs and be functional, while also matching the style and structure of your existing home.

Energy efficiency

Consider including energy-efficient elements in your addition, such as insulation, high-efficiency glazing and sustainable heating systems. This can ensure lower energy costs in the long run.

Building materials

Choose the right building materials to match the style of the home so that the addition fits seamlessly into the whole. We only work with quality suppliers and also own a large in-house inventory of carefully selected and high-quality building materials.

Functional design

Think carefully about the layout and purpose of the new addition. Make sure the design meets your needs and increases living space in a way that suits your lifestyle.

Choose AMS SYSTEMS as your valued partner, to expertly guide you throughout the decision-making process and subsequent execution of all the work.

Our team of professionals is at your service for personalized advice and will be happy to come on site for a no-obligation price quote. Make your appointment today.


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