Het betere buis- en The better pipe and wiring work

When you renovate your home, one of the most important jobs is the tubing and wiring of your home. They are the veins of your home and should be carefully placed.

It goes without saying that if we profile ourselves as your partner for total renovations, we are also the best choice for all your utility work.
We guarantee safe and quality execution of your electrical and plumbing works, gas supply, sewage and wastewater management, cooling, heating and everything else.

Electrical works

Regardless of total renovation or just partial renovation, you want your electrical work done to standards, with safety at the forefront to give you the utmost comfort in your living spaces. Our experienced electricians ensure that everything is done to perfection, so you can sleep on both ears.

We also meet your needs for home automation, security systems, solar panels and lighting.
Did you know that it is mandatory to have the electricity in a home inspected every 25 years or whenever the electrical system is changed? We also provide an inspection certificate for your new installation as standard with our electrical work.


We ensure that all your sanitary areas are finished to perfection. From the installation of all pipes, connection to the sewage network to the installation of all your sanitary appliances.
We also install water softeners, water filters, rainwater pumps and rainwater stations.

Cooling and heating

Nothing is more delightful than staying in a pleasant atmosphere without too many temperature differences. A constant temperature also eliminates the need for additional heating or cooling, which is very beneficial for your energy bill. The ideal solution for this is underfloor heating. With this solution, you also save space and can enjoy your surface to the fullest.

We offer different solutions to heat or cool your home. Paying attention to your budget and your preferences, we can help you to make the most sustainable choice that will give you the most return on investment.
Today, homes must meet certain EPB standards. Because homes today are so well insulated, there is not enough circulation of fresh air. In such case, you have a choice between different ventilation systems: A, B, C or D. We can realize any of these systems for you and advise you which one in your building project provides the best comfort and efficiency.

AMS SYSTEMS is known for its integral solutions. We perform all works from A to Z. In addition, we strive to offer fair prices, complete transparency throughout the project, so you will never face unpleasant surprises. Our team of professionals is always ready to guide you through the decision process, so you can count on the best use of your budget and the best value for your investment.
Schedule an appointment with one of our advisors today. We would be happy to come on-site for a no-obligation, free consultation and price quote for all of your renovation needs.


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